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When you're interested in finding work or to land a new customer, the first exposure we often have to you're in your LinkedIn profile, where the first thing they see is your own portrait. It is often said that using a profile with a photograph can induce 7-14 times more views, so why not be on the upper end of that spectrum having a fantastic portrait that reflects you? The biggest mistake most people make when uploading their new LinkedIn photo is utilizing their favorite selfie, or just cropping out there thoughts in a group shot from an occasion. Your portrait should be representative of yourself and your company or the role you aspire to land. Do not let clients or potential employers write off as someone who is not quite the professional they are hoping for, use the tips below to get the most of your LinkedIn photo.

Here are techniques to help you get an eye catching Linkedin Headshots NYC photo.

1. Hire an expert.

On average the price to get a professional small business portrait at a significant metro area is about $400. While at first, this can look like a stretch of an expense, keep in mind your portrait is often times the very first introduction you've got with a possible employer or client. If you have a background or design you are trying to fit (to be consistent with other folks in your company) that will be a fantastic thing to convey before the shoot as well.

2. Dress in your best.

When choosing how to dress to your photoshoot, dress at your finest. Dress as if you are going to a job interview, or meeting with the CEO.

For Guys:
This means a crisp suit and tie. Strong color shirts look best, try to prevent white as you would like your head to be the eye catching part of the image, not a bright distracting shirt. Conventional ties are preferred, there could be snow on the floor when you are going to get your photo done, but a Snowman tie will look out of place in July.

For Women:
Long sleeves are a must, along with a jacket is strongly suggested to pull everything together. Solid colors keep things appearing crisp and helps avoid distractions. A necklace is a great touch, but keep it quite simple, pearls look great!

3. Diet:

The days leading up to a own shoot are the perfect time to cleanse. Plenty of vegetables and fruit will help keep your skin nice and clear. Avoid salty foods since they could cause bloating and water retention. The day before your shoot is the most important, avoid a hefty dinner and hot foods since they can cause breakouts and oily skin. Drink loads of water to flush out your system and provide the skin what it needs to look its best!

4. Timing:

The best time to get a photograph is early in the day. Not only will your shave or makeup look better, but you'll also not be revealing the burden of a stressful day below your eyes. Planning to have the take done earlier in the day also means that you're not as likely to postpone it because inevitably you will be getting pulled in a number of other directions.

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